The Six Clusters

There are 6 clusters in the Channel Clusters programme and each cluster is made up of 5 companies.  Pleaase find details of the participant companies below.

Channel Partner 1: Horgans Deli Supplies
Companies                                    Programme Contact Person
Irish Atlantic Sea Salt                        Michael O'Neill 
St Tola Goats Cheese                       Siobhán Harrington 
Dee's Wholefoods                            Deirdre Collins
Janet's Country Fayre                       Janet Drew
Fayre Farm Fresh Salads                     Pat Twomey

Channel Partner 2: La Rousse Foods

                                   Programme Contact Person
Dawn Fresh Foods                           Gerry Raftery
Silver Pail Dairy                                Thea Murphy
Ummera Smoked Products                Anthony Creswell 
A Growing Pleasure                          Pat Clarke
Donald Walshe Ltd                           Donald Walshe

Channel Partner 3: BWG
Companies                                    Programme Contact Person
Stable Diet                                      Katherine Carroll
Dunhill Cuisine                                  Edward Spelman
JM Foodservice                                Rosita Moyles 
Kyle's Kitchen                                  Michael Kyle
McEvoy Family Foods                        Gary and Jane McEvoy

Channel Partner 4: Pallas Foods
Companies                                   Programme Contact Person
Goatsbridge Trout Farm                   Mag Kirwan
Knockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese        Helen Finnegan
Dragon Nutrition                             Siobhán Donnelly
Glen Aine Foods                             David McGrath
Homestyle Meats                            Roy Davis

Channel Partner 5: PRM
Companies                                   Programme Contact Person
Clinton Foods                                 Joe Clinton
Natasha's Living Foods                     Natasha Czopor
Coolattin Cheddar                           Thomas Burgess
Kush Seafarms                                John Harrington 
Safa Food                                      Paul Waters

Channel Partner 6: Assoc Craft Butchers of Ireland / Scobies and Junor
Companies: James Lawlor; Eddie Tuite; Brendan Mallon; Hugh Maguire; Martin Carey