Horgan's Team Meet 5 SMEs in Mitchelstown

Friday, 18th September 2009

The Horgan's Meet the Buyer Day took place in their head office in Mitchelstown on Friday 18th September 2009.  The 5 companies who will take part in the cluster were given an detailed overview of Horgan's business by the owner, Michael Horgan. They were also given a full tour of the site in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.

The cluster leader, Conor Hyde of Bullseye Food Marketing, also made a presentation at the meeting on the importance of distribution to SMEs. Godfrey Lydon gave the companies an overview of the Irish Exporters Association.

The 5 companies participating in the cluster are:

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt
Dee's Eat Well, Be Happy
Janet's Country Fayre
Farm Fresh Salads
Inagh Farmhouse Cheese 


The Channel Clusters Project was made possible through a financial contribution from the European Regional Development Fund Ireland Wales (INTERREG 4A) Programme 2007-2013.