BWG Cluster Focusses on Branding for Retail Products

Tuesday, 1st March 2011 (Source IEA)

The BWG cluster is part of the IEA's Channel Clusters Programme*. The cluster has focussed on the development of new brands and packaging. As part of this process, product positioning has also been clearly defined for each brand.

By getting the branding right, the companies have now been able to launch their products into the retail sector, which is new territory for some of them. They had previously focussed only on foodservice and retail delis.

As a result of the assistance received, some of the companies have achieved multiple listings in retail accounts. An example of this is JM Foodservice who have recently launched their new Simply Honest Food brand and have got multiple skus listed in BWG and 50 branches of Dunnes.

In addition, they have an Own Label range listed in Musgraves in both ROI and NI. The 5 companies in this cluster are Kyles Kitchen, Stable Diet, Dunhill Cuisine, JM Foodservice and McEvoy Family Foods. The Programme Mentor is Sheila Gallogly of Má

To see some of the branding and packaging work developed during the programme, please click here.

The Channel Clusters project was made possible through a financial contribution from the European Regional Development Fund Ireland Wales (INTERREG 4A) Programme 2007 - 2013.