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Wednesday, 05 May 2010 09:17

On September 18th 2009, Food & Drink Export Ireland launched the first stage of an innovative new support programme for the Irish Food and Drink sector.

The Channel Clusters project was made possible through a financial contribution from the European Regional Development Fund Ireland Wales (INTERREG 4A) Programme 2007-2013. This article reflects the views of the author only and not those of the Programme Authorities.

The programme, called Channel Clusters, aims to assist small, rapidly developing Irish food and drink companies to grow their sales, improve their marketing performance, and develop their business potential in Ireland and the UK.

The first group of five companies on the programme will be led by Conor Hyde of Bullseye Food Marketing. He will provide each participating company with extensive one-to-one business development mentoring over a period of 12 months. In addition to sales and marketing, companies will also receive expert tuition in areas such as exporting to the UK, understanding their costs and presenting to buyers. They will also participate in a major UK exhibition and go on a UK study tour.

Horgan’s Delicatessen Supplies will partner this first group of companies with the aim of adding new, innovative products to their extensive portfolio and, of course, supporting Irish suppliers. Each participant company aims to achieve listing status with Horgan’s during the programme. Horgan's Delicatessen Supplies are the leading supplier of speciality and chilled foods to supermarket chains, independent retailers, speciality food stores and the food services sector in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, since 1977.

Speaking at the launch, Mr.Michael Horgan, Managing Director of Horgan’s Delicatessen Supplies, said that “Horgans are very proud to be the industry partner on this innovative Channel Cluster Programme. This is exactly the sort of practical best practice expertise that progressive food companies require in order to succeed in today’s competitive retail environment”

Godfrey Lydon, Manager Food and Drink Division with the Irish Exporters Association, who will be managing the project, stated that: ‘The Channel Clusters Programme is the complete package of assistance for food and drink companies trying to make the break-through in terms of sales growth and product and brand development’. ‘The programme is particularly relevant in the current depressed climate with low consumer confidence and Irish brands under pressure. At this time, more than ever, small food companies need hands-on expertise and assistance to get their product onto shelf and keep it there. The Channel Clusters Programme will equip SME owner/managers with the knowledge and skills necessary for the years ahead’.

The participants and companies in the Horgan's Cluster are:

Michael O'Neill - Irish Atlantic Sea Salt
Deirdre Collins - Dee's Veg-e-Que
Janet Drew - Janet's Country Fayre
Pat Twomey - Farm Fresh Salads
Siobhán Ní Ghairbhith - St Tola Goats Cheese


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