Second Steering Meeting

Date: 31st of August 2012

Venue: IEA Offices, 28 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

John Whelan, CEO of the IEA opened the meeting with a brief introductory session. Jacqueline Cumiskey then presented on the progress on the Food Chains for Competitive Advantage project, detailing where we are at the moment, the works streams we are concentrating on and the direction we want the project to take. Action points arising from the last meeting were addressed and discussion was undertaken by our steering committee on the opinions they all had on what was important to concentrate on and any other issues they still had with any parts of the projects. Everything was minuted to ensure any issues arising would be addressed following the meeting.

Gwen Dempsey, our researcher took us briefly thorugh the direction she was intending to take with the research. The format of the research is as below:

  • The Barriers to innovation (bench research),
  • The Barriers to innovation in the food industry (bench research).
  • The Barriers to innvoation in teh food industry in Ireland (through the 100 telephone surveys completed by the IEA with food and drink companies in Ireland.)
  • The Barriers to innovation in the food industry in the INTERREG IVA area in Ireland (thorugh 20 more indepth surveys carried out by Gwen with a cross section of food and drink companies in the INTERREG IVA area).

Gwen will present her findings at a meeting which will be attended by the Steering Meeting, IEA and any stakeholders on the 17th of September.

Atendees: John Whelan (CEO-IEA), Jacqueline Cumiskey (IEA), Aoife Bohan (IEA), Helen King (Bord Bia), Joe Mulhall (Kells Wholemeal), Anna Cruickshank (DIT), Cathal O'Connor (Consultant), Gwen Dempsey (Researcher), Pat Daly (Teagasc)

Apologies: Joe Collum (Glanbia), Dolores O'Riordan (UCD), Zandra Montgomery (Carton Brothers)