First Joint Steering Meeting

Date: 4th of September 2012, 8:00am

Location: Hilton, Kensington, London, UK.

Our first joint steering meeting took place to allow the WElsh and Ireland team and governemnt represetatives to meet each other and get familiar with their viewpoints on the Food Chains for Competitive Advantage project.

Jacqueline Cumiskey, project lead for the Food Chains for Competitive Advantage project for IrelandĀ opened the meeting by allowing everyone to introduce themselves briefly. This was followed by a run through by Jacqueline on where the IEA is at the minute on the Food Chains for Competitve Advantage project, detailing; the progress to date; the work streams we are working on at the moment; the research we are compelting at present; and also the direction we are hoping the project will take over the next few months.

Bethan Sian Jones, project lead for the Food Chains for Competitive Advantage project in Wales took us through the approach they are intending on taking with the project.

Any issues were discussed and both sides gave view points on consultant specifiactions, workshops and research to be conducted.

Next meeting: To Be Confirmed

Atendees: Menter A Busnes - Bethan Sain Jones, Teleri Fielden, Sioned Best. Welsh Government Representative: Daniel Burgess.

Irish Exporters Association: Aoife Bohan, Jacqueline Cumiskey. Irish Government Representative from Bord Bia: Helen King.

The Food Chains for Competitive Advantage Programme is an Ireland Wales European Regional Development project made possible through a financial contribution from the European Regional Development Fund Ireland Wales (INTERREG 4A) Programme 2007-2013, this article reflects the views of the author only and not those of the Programme Authorities.