First Joint Steering Meeting of 2013

The Irish Exporters Association and Menter a Busnes (Wales) had there first joint steering meeting of 2013 on the 3rd of July, in the IEA offices in Merrion Square.

John Whelan, CEO of the IEA, chaired the meeting. He started the meeting with item one on the agenda which was concerning the objectives of the project for year 1 and 2. The committee discussed these at length. We expressed where we thought we needed to focus on and the way in which both IEA and MaB were satisfying the objectives met.

Aoife Bohan, interim project manager for the IEA took the committee through a progress review of the IEA with regards FCCA. She presented the committee with the companies on board for 2013, the consultants, the workshops we were making available to the companies and the general structure of the consultancy programme we offered.

Bethan Sian Jones, Menter a Busnes, also took the committee through MaB's structuring of the programme. She took us through the companies that are taking part, the consultancy programme they would offer and also the workshops scheduled.

Action points from the meeting were minuted and sent to all the attendees to complete.

The next joint steering meeting will be in the UK and will be within the next six months.