Fifth Steering Meeting

The FCCA steering committee assembled on Friday last, the 19th July,in the IEA offices on Merrion Square, for their second meeting of 2013.

The consultants for the FCCA consultants joined the meeting to present on their progress with their companies, the meeting took the following structure:

  • Progress review with Marla's 5 companies - Sheila Gallogly,
  • Focus Groups Update - Sheila Gallogly,
  • Progress review with O'Farrell Madden Consultancy - Ronan O'Farrell. O'Farrell Madden Consultancy
  • AOB
The consultants have the committee an update on their progress with their companies so far. Both consultants have completed module one with their companies and are in the early stages on module 2.
The next Steering Meeting will be held within the third quarter of the year.