Future Skills Needs of Industry Addressed at August Council Meeting

The third Food and Drink Council meeting of 2010 took place in Teagasc Ashtown on Wednesday 11th August 2010. There were 4 speakers covering a variety of themes.

Ailish Forde of Forfás was the first speaker and she gave a presentation on the 'Key Findings of recent report into Future Skills Needs in Food and Beverage Sector’. There was a discussion after Ailish's presentatiion about the level of engagement between third level institutions and companies and the quality of graduates coming out of college. To view Ailish's presentation, please click here

Greg Fields of the consultancy company, 'Transport Matters' was the second speaker on the subject of 'How to Reduce Your Freight and Transport Costs’. To view Greg's presentation, please click here.

The third speaker was Richard Foley of Advance Systems Ireland and the presentation was entitled: ‘Return on Investment from Workforce Management System’. Please click here to view the ASI presentation.

The fourth speaker was Michael Hussey of Bord Bia - ‘Up-date on the Fellowship and the New Fellowship Executive Alumni Programmes’. He stated that 25 graduates, assigned to 12 markets in 2009 will finish the programme at the end of August. There were 160 assignments in total or over 6 per Fellow. The mid year review was very positive with 80% of respondents stating they were satisfied with the programme. Some are quite experienced and are in their 30s and many are post graduates. Assignments fall into 2 categories mainly – New Business Development and Market Research.

The programme will continue in from September 2010 to June 2011 with 100 further assignments. There will be 25 graduates assigned as before so there will now be a reduction of assignments per Fellow to 4. Each Fellow will do 4 day induction per company on the new Fellowship programme. The Assignments are broken into the following per country/region: UK 28; US 12; Germany 16; France 12; Spain/Portugal 9; Scandanavia 9; Netherlands 4; Middle East 4; Russia 4; China 2. The Chinese assignments are new and relate to Non Alcoholic Beverages and Dairy Ingredients.

Finish Time: 1.20pm