Council Meeting Takes Place in Teagasc on 15th November

The quarterly Food and Drink Council meeting took place on Tuesday 15th November 2011 inTeagasc Ashtown. There were 3 speakers at the meeting, addressing the themes of intellectual property and how to protect it; how the UK is supporting skills development in the food sector and a look at the Chinese retail landscape.

Dr Christina Gates of Tomkins and Co. talked about the importance of protecting intellectual property. Tomkins and Co. is a leading Irish and European firm of Patent, Trade Mark and Design Attorneys. The firm includes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys qualified in Ireland, Europe and the UK. Founded in 1930, Tomkins & Co. is one of Ireland’s longest established Intellectual Property Law firms. They provide professional services in three main areas: Patents, Trade Marks and Designs. To view her presentation, please cleck here.

Geoff Lamb of Improve Northern Ireland and Liz Pattison of the National Skills Academy gave an overview of the supports available for skills development for the food and drink in the United Kingdom. The NSA designs and delivers change programmes and other training directly within companies. Please see presentation by clicking here.

Finally, Michael and Jianling Kyle gave an overview of the Chinese retail landscape. Please click here to view their presentation.  They are interested in helping Irish food companies to export product to China and potentially other markets. Michael and Jianling recently set up a company called Kyle’s Kitchen and have launched a brand called ‘Wrapsu’ which is a westernised version of an oriental mini wrap or dumpling. Michael has previously worked as an innovation specialist in Meat for Teagasc. He has worked on opening up the market for agri-food business related technologies in China and has set up exchange agreements between Ireland and China as well as providing assistance in sourcing and in import/export matters.