Tesco Deal for Irish Firm Kooky Dough Creates Ten New Jobs PDF Print E-mail

Monday, March 21, 2011 (Source: Q4 Public Relations)

Kooky Dough, a Dublin firm that produces a range of cookie dough mixes for home baking and which last night featured on Dragon’s Den, has agreed a €550,000 deal to create two new Tesco own-brand lines for the supermarket’s stores in the UK and Ireland, it has been announced.

The new lines will be stocked exclusively in UK and Ireland stores from March 14th this year. It is the first time Tesco UK and Ireland have featured an own-brand cookie dough line. All production will be done in Dublin for both UK and Ireland, creating 10 new jobs.

Speaking at the announcement, Graham Clarke from Kooky Dough said the deal marked a new departure for the Irish firm. “After a very hectic first 18 months of working extremely hard to establish ourselves, we are very excited about this new project with Tesco. This is an entirely different concept to our original, branded cookie dough which we are already supplying in to Tesco Ireland stores.

This offering will be in the form of a Tesco own-brand product based on 12 individually cut pieces of dough in a clear tub. There is to be two lines, chocolate chip as well as white chocolate & cranberry, with the plan to stock in 240 stores in the UK and xx stores in Ireland initially. We’re delighted at this business opportunity and looking forward to a successful collaboration with Tesco.”

Tesco Ireland CEO Tony Keohane said the outstanding quality and originality of Kooky Dough’s produce were key to the new deal. "Tesco is delighted to extend its relationship with Kooky Dough. The quality and standard of its original offering impressed us from the start.

This new project is a reflection of that and we’re now confident the UK and Irish markets will have a big appetite for this new Kooky Dough concept, if you’ll excuse the pun. This is another example of Tesco’s commitment to Irish produce and the local and international opportunities the Tesco Group can offer Irish goods of the right quality.”

Founded in September 2009 by Graham Clarke and Sophie Morris, Kooky Dough is in profit just two years after launching. Kooky Dough began supplying Tesco Ireland in November last year with four of its branded doughs to 24 Tesco stores across Ireland. Tesco Group is worth €2.5 billion a year to the Irish economy.

Tesco Ireland facilitates €654.8 million worth of exports per annum of Irish-origin food and other products into the Tesco Group internationally.

The value of exports facilitated by Tesco Ireland is greater than the total exports of Irish food and drink to France (Ireland’s 2nd largest market for such exports), Germany, United States and others.


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