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Today (27th June 2011), the IEA announced that the successful development of a Craft Butcher export cluster , as part of it’s Channel Clusters programme with the global distribution partner, Scobie and Junor.

The successful food businesses in the cluster are ; Lawlors Butchers Ltd, Martin Carey Meats Ltd, Orielglen Trading Ltd, Hugh Maguire Ltd and Tuite’s Butchers Ltd. All are members of the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland (ACBI), which, in total, comprises over 500 members in Ireland.

The programme’s objective is to assist these companies develop new products for sale in the ACBI’s estate of stores in Ireland with the goal of exporting in the near future. In all, 30 new products were developed by the butchers during the programme including new brands of ready meals, sausages, burgers, and fish products, amongst others. The programme is funded under the EU Interreg 4A initiative, with support from Bord Bia and Enterprise Ireland.

According to Fintan Flood of Scobie and Junor: ‘‘The programme enabled us as a distributor to work directly with the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland on their distribution strategy. The programme brought together 5 individual businesses, who all benefited greatly over the 12 month programme. The programme was a great launching pad and we will continue to work with the Associated Craft Butchers on their product and distribution strategy to drive it forward”.

The participating butchers are equally positive about the impact the programme has had on their business. Hugh Maguire went on to state: “Participating on the programme has forced us to examine our individual businesses, and also our organisation as a whole. While most of our butchers are constantly experimenting and developing new products, we have never, until now, looked at how to capitalise on this, and how to commercialise these products outside the confinements of our own individual butcher shops.”

Godfrey Lydon, Food and Drink Manager with the IEA, is responsible for developing and coordinating the delivery of this forward-thinking ‘Cluster’ training programme. He explains that a targeted approach to training is particularly important at SME-level. “The ‘Channel Clusters Development Programme’ offers an extremely targeted approach to training that aims to provide comprehensive business development support for Ireland’s emerging food brands and entrepreneurs. By assisting these craft butchers at store level, we’re helping to build a more dynamic, commercially focussed food manufacturing sector that will translate into stronger businesses with exporting potential in the near future. ”

The IEA’s Channel Clusters Development Programme is part of the Irish Exporters’ Association ongoing initiative to promote industry-focused business training for Irish SMEs. The programme was delivered under IEA guidance by a leading communications and design agency, Má Through a series of practical workshops and mentoring, as well as attendance at trade events, the course was designed to nurture a partnership approach between producers, retailers and distributors.


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This project was made possible through a financial contribution from the European Regional Development Fund Ireland Wales (INTERREG 4A) Programme 2007 – 2013. This article reflects the views of the authors only and not those of the Programme Authorities.