IEA Submission to Minister for Transport, re proposed New Transport Strategy for 2011-2014 PDF Print E-mail

Wednesday, 10th August 2011 (Source: IEA)

The IEA has been requested by the Minister for Transport to make a submission regarding what the export industry would like to see in the Dept of Transport proposed Strategy 2011 –2014. To view full document of the IEA Submission, please click here to link to IEA website.

We have stressed that it must take into account the changed international situation and not merely reflect on internal transport issues.

Major competitiveness loss will arise unless the strategy for Irish transport also addresses efficient international connectivity to the growing export markets , and the key sources of inward supply.

We also stressed that the Dept. of Transport Startegy 2011-2014 must re- affirm:

• The importance of the movement of goods to our economy.
• The reliance on exports and the key role of our ports in moving goods.
• Recognition that movement of goods by road will remain the principal mode, but that there is a need to maximise on the use of the rail network.
• The need to introduce a transit /usage tax system which supports exporters and their road haulage sub suppliers, and replaces the current road taxation system , including the carbon tax.
• An integrated policy for better utilisation of airports and seaports .