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Friday, 28th October 2011 (Source: Truly Irish Country Foods Press Release)

It may not be the world cup, but Ireland have beaten the French in the European Championships (Fins Goustiers du Duché d'Alençon) this year. Entering for the first time, Truly Irish came home with awards for all three categories; White Pudding, Pork Sausage and Personalised Sausage. Grand Award of Excellence (Diploma/Cup) for Truly Irish Traditional White Pudding Grand Award of Honour (Diploma/Cup) for Truly Irish Hot Chilli Sausage Grand Award of Honour (Diploma/Cup) for Truly Irish Jumbo Sausage.

Truly Irish Country Foods is a farmers Co-Op, set up to safeguard the Irish pig industry and give the consumer better quality, Irish pork and bacon products. Truly Irish became increasingly frustrated with the quality of rashers, sausages and bacon being sold to Irish consumers as it did not reflect what pork farmers produced. So, they had enough.

Truly Irish fought back by forming their own farmer co-op with producers in every county. They then set about launching their own brand being fully aware of all the mislabelling and confusing names that were out there and were giving the impression that they were Irish. You can be confident whenever you purchase a Truly Irish product it is 100% Irish, comes from your local producer and is fully traceable back to the farm.

Jim McGrath, Chairman of Truly Irish added, “We’re delighted with our new innovative products which have won awards both here and abroad. The support from Irish Retails has been phenomenal and you will see more Truly Irish products on the shelves as we keep moving forward.”

Other prestigious awards won by Truly Irish; Great Taste Awards 2010/2011: Two Gold Stars - Truly Irish Beechwood Smoked Rashers Two Gold Stars - Truly Irish Maple Cured Rashers One Gold Star - Truly Irish Traditional Cure Rashers One Gold Star - Truly Irish Black Pudding One Gold Star - Truly Irish Chestnut Smoked Streaky Rasher Blas na hEireann Awards 2010/2011 Silver – Truly Irish Chestnut Smoked Streaky Rasher Bronze – Truly Irish Traditional White Pudding Bring Truly Irish Abroad Truly Irish wiped the board with Great Taste, Blas na hEireann and the European Championships in France.

Truly Irish want to bring these products across the water to the UK and need your help. If you have any family or friends in the UK, ask them to demand Truly Irish products in their local stores. Order your Truly Irish Horseshoe Gammon online and save all the hassle this Christmas. You are purchasing product that is of superior quality, 100% Irish and locally produced. You are also helping to support thousands of Irish jobs.