Teeling Whiskey Co. Legitimises Poitin with new Product PDF Print E-mail

The Teeling Whiskey Company has launched a new poitín product using contemporary and modern bottling to help bring this previously illegally produced spirit out of the shadows of the past.

Poitín was traditionally distilled in a small pot still and the term is a derivative of the Irish word pota, meaning ‘pot’.

Normally distilled from locally produced cereals or potatoes, it is one of the strongest alcoholic drinks in the world and for centuries was classified as illegal in Ireland.


“Poitín is at the heart of Irish spirits and Irish whiskey in particular. Over the years it has been demonised because it was illegally produced and the end product lacked consistency, quality and credibility,” said Jack Teeling, founder of the Teeling Whiskey Company.

“With the emergence of the interest in non-aged whiskies in the US and desire of mixologists to have strong flavoursome white spirits the opportunity for a legitimate high quality bottling of poitín is greater than ever. We have produced a quality poitín product which will allow consumers to enjoy this ancient Irish product with confidence.”

The Teeling Whiskey Company’s first poitín release consists of a combination of double distilled spirit made from malted barley in traditional copper pot stills and triple distilled spirit made from maize in modern column stills.

Retailing at between €30-€35, The Teeling Whiskey Company poitín will be available to purchase from the Celtic Whiskey Store, Dawson Street in Dublin and at Dublin Airport.