Agri Food Exporters Brace Themselves for 30% Increase in Shipping Costs in January Print

Agri-food exporters brace themselves for a 30% shipping cost increase in January as cartel of deep sea shipping lines plan to force through the dramatic price rise.

The major deep sea shipping companies, led by Maersk Line who handle an estimated 40% of Irish agri-food and fish exports to non EU countries, have notified their Irish customers that they will apply a $1,500 per container price increase as of the 1st January 2013. This is an approximate 30% increase on the current rates for a 40 foot refrigerated container to Asia, and an approximate 50% increase in rates to Africa.
John Whelan, chief executive of the IEA, stated ’’This will impact heavily on all Irish agri-food and fish exporters, who use these shipping lines for exports outside the EU and will add an estimated 10% to their export costs. This is not an increase that can be passed on and   will inevitably lead to lost export sales’’.

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