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Dawn Farm Foods is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of cooked and fermented meats which are destined for use as ingredients or components by food manufacturers and food service operators in the following categories:

• Pizza

• Ready Meal and Recipe Dish

• Sandwich and Salad

• Snack and Food on-the-go

With an impressive 25 years as a leading manufacturer in global cooked meat ingredients, Dawn Farm Foods has multi-species meat processing & cooking capabilities and is an industry leader in the production of fermented and dried meats with a specialised heat treatment process. Science and innovation is key to Dawn Farm Food’s success. A dedicated 930m² meat science and innovation centre has allowed the company to increase its focus on industry trends and develop products for its Business-to-Business customers led by consumer research and insights. Dawn Farm Foods has a healthy export business with over 80% of output exported to 30 countries worldwide. It also boasts a dedicated distribution company, servicing its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dawn Farm Foods is BRC (Grade A Higher) approved and is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and SEDEX. Dawn Farm Foods prepares products to exacting client requirements.

Cooked Meats specialist - Capability to produce multi-species

Cooked Products include cooked beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and pork including ham and bacon 

Fermented Meats: Pepperoni, salami and chorizo 

Snack Products (chicken wings, ribs & tasty sides)

Product supplied in many flavours and formats 

Bulk : logs or whole joints, smoked or unsmoked. 

Diced or strips: processed to attain natural appearance or exacting dice as specified.

Sliced: variety of shapes, species & final packing formats

Minces: ground or extruded formats 

Crumbles: designed to deliver great flavour on pizza, in a wide range of final visual and flavour options. 


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