Cadbury Ireland creates direct employment at the Cadbury factory in Coolock, Dublin and at the chocolate crumb factory in Rathmore, Co. Kerry. Additional employment is created through the purchase of local milk, sugar beet, packaging and a wide range of other materials . In fact, Cadbury Ireland is one of the biggest users of indigenous materials. In Ireland, thousands of shops carry a wide range of Cadbury’s chocolate products. Fleets of trucks and vans are kept constantly busy on a circuit of Ireland, making sure that all your favourite bars are available in your local shop. More than €250 million worth of Cadbury chocolate produced in Ireland, is exported every year, bringing Ireland valuable earnings from abroad.

Cadbury Ireland has had many export successes and has made a spectacular transition from being a small scale manufacturer for a protected home market to a substantial producer of brands consumed around the world today. Since its humble beginnings, Cadbury Ireland is now one of Ireland's foremost companies serving consumers in Ireland and around the world. Millions of consumers enjoy the delicious experience of a Cadbury's chocolate bar that "Tastes like Heaven".

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