Irish Concentrates

At Irish Concentrates, we aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of concentrates to their exact specification with precise lead times, exacting standards & QC levels with dedicated client support.

Due to our association with a number of leading Flavour Houses worldwide, we are able to put a vast range of knowledge, experience and laboratory support at your disposal for any enquiry you may have. We can work alongside you to develop or improve those products that are already available

Beverage categories
•Carbonated soft drinks,
•Diet/sugar free drinks
•Energy drinks,
•Functional beverages,
•Flavoured waters etc.

Other Categories
•Sweets & Confectionery
•Dairy Products
•Slush Puppies

Flavour range
•Cola & cola variants
•Citrus such as orange & lemon
•Berry such as strawberry & blackberry
•Tropicals such as mango & passionfruit
•Fruits such as peach & apple.
•Clove oil
•Other flavours

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