Today, Bulmers Ltd is a formidable Irish company. Cider production has been moved to state of the art production facilities at Annerville, on the outskirts Clonmel. The company currently employs over 250 people and is a substantial part of the economic infrastructure of the community of Clonmel. It continues to own the trade mark Bulmers® in the Republic of Ireland but it is no longer connected with HP Bulmer Ltd of Hereford, UK. Bulmers Ltd is now part of the C&C Group, which also owns the Tennent’s beer brands and the Gaymers English cider brands.

Bulmers Ltd has a well deserved reputation for innovative and successful product development and marketing. Bulmers Cider comes in several different varieties: Bulmers Original Cider, Bulmers Pear, Bulmers Berry, Bulmers Light, Bulmers Mid-Strength and Bulmers Specials. In summer 2012, Bulmers refreshed its livery and whilst the new packaging maintains the recognisable Bulmers colour scheme, it now incorporates a sleek new arched label and references the blend of 17 varieties of apples which create the unique taste of Bulmers Irish Cider.

Bulmers Ltd has an extensive portfolio of drinks brands, which includes: Linden Village Cider, Ritz Perry, Stag and the Magners Cider brand.

In 2000, Bulmers Ltd launched the export cider brand, Magners. Magners is similar to Bulmers in terms of product taste and characteristics. Magners can be found in the United Kingdom and across Europe including Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Elsewhere around the world Magners is widely available including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Singapore and Hong Kong. The brand varieties are Magners Original, Magners Pear, Magners Golden Draught and Magners Specials. Magners Berry will be launched in summer 2012.

Products: Original, Pear, Berry, Light, Portfolio (includes mid strength, a lower alcohol cider)