Irish Potato Marketing

IPM was established in 1950 in Dublin to develop exports of Irish seed and ware potatoes to the Mediterranean region after World War II.
In the 1970’s IPM started investing in breeding of new potato varieties in association with Oak Park Research Centre in Carlow, Ireland. The first successful variety from the Breeding Programme came in 1976: “CARA” – “Friend” in the Gaelic language – which became one of the most popular varieties in Britain and in markets such as Egypt and Cyprus.  New varieties came along in 1981 (Red Cara) and 1982 (Avondale).
In 1989, IPM established ‘IPM Perth Ltd’ in Scotland to manage seed production of IPM varieties for the UK market and exports. The 1990’s proved to be a decade of tremendous growth for the company with the release of 11 new varieties: Slaney, Ambo, Anna, Barna, Colleen, Burren, Druid, Shannon, Orla, Malin and Rooster, the most popular variety in Ireland today and one of the top gourmet varieties in Britain.
In 1997, IPM became a subsidiary of Donegal Creameries PLC, one of Ireland's largest food and agri-business companies. In a continuing growth path, IPM released its special pack of seed potatoes For the Gardener in 1998.
2000 brought yet a new step in IPM’s development as an international seed potato company: operations started in the Netherlands for the contracting of Dutch growers for the production of IPM and free varieties for export.
New varieties continued to be released into the new millennium: Banba (2001), Emma (2001), Camelot (2003), Galactica (2004), Habibi (2004), Kikko (2004), Setanta (2004), Carnaval (2005), Nectar (2005). Also in 2005, following the successful entry into the seed production in the Netherlands, ‘IPM Holland BV’ is established in Leeuwarden to provide services in seed production and marketing to IPM headquarters in Dublin. In 2006 IPM released the new varieties Savanna followed by Electra and Romeo in 2007.
Today IPM proudly presents 26 commercial proprietary varieties in its portfolio with seed multiplication areas being developed in new countries and exporting to over 35 countries worldwide.
IPM has an experienced team of seed, agronomy and technical experts, dedicated to the production of the finest quality seed potatoes.  They provide a comprehensive, integrated service to all sectors, meeting the needs of both our customers and our contracted growers.
To enable IPM to provide the customer with the best possible service the company has a specialist marketing team to deal with all of our customers’ needs and experienced logistics personnel to deliver our product efficiently.  
IPM is the leading seed potato company in Ireland and the largest exporter of protected varieties from the UK.  Distribution channels are carefully selected in each market and solid, close and long-term relationships are established with agents and merchants. 


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