Marine Harvest Ireland
The company started in 1979 as "Fanad Fisheries" having been founded by a group of Irish shareholders led by Anthony Fox, who had up to then been a biology teacher in Dublin. In 1981, a 50/50 joint venture was established with A/S MOWI based in Bergen, Norway, and this greatly strengthened the Irish operation as it provided access to stock, technology and financial resources. Today we are part of the Marine Harvest Group, the world leading seafood company and largest producer of farmed salmon.

The first harvest of Atlantic salmon took place in 1984 from young salmon put to sea in 1982. By 1986 the company became self-sufficient with its own broodstock. Since then the company has grown rapidly and today we export over 80% of our product worth to countries all around the world including USA, France, Germany and Switzerland. In 2011 the company’s sales totalled 55 million Euros.

Marine Harvest Ireland was the first salmon farm in the world to achieve organic certification. We now produce organic salmon and premium salmon under the names 'The Organic Salmon Company' and 'Donegal Silver' respectively. As well as "Donegal Silver" production in Fanad, Co. Donegal, we also produce Organic Atlantic Salmon at Clare Island in Clew Bay, Co. Mayo and in Bantry and Kenmare Bays, in counties Cork and Kerry.

We employ over 270 people here in Ireland and utilise over 800 Irish suppliers across all our locations to a value of over 15 million Euros to the local economy. On this site you can find out what makes salmon organic, more about salmon farming and our commitment to sustainability and best practice.