Kilbeg Dairies

From simple beginnings…

Quietly located, in some of the most lush and fresh pasture of Co. Meath, near the heritage town of Kells, you will find one of Ireland’s most successful artisan food producers, Kilbeg Dairies. Here in an idyllic countryside setting owners Kieran and Jane Cassidy have developed, with a true passion, award-winning dairy products from Fat Free Quark Cheese to Creamy Rich Mascarpone.

The range is very much part of our family says Jane: "There are constant tastings for family and friends in our home and now my mother laughs when she sees how seriously our children approach each new flavour or product."

Jane had always been passionate about food and returned from a Teagasc course knowing what she was destined to do.  "The first time I made Quark, I fell in love with the process, time, smells, flavours, textures and the concept of turning a simple natural ingredient such as milk into a myriad of delicious dairy products".

Beginning in the kitchen and selling at local markets, five years later Kilbeg Dairies now produce an Award Winning Range which has a authentic flavour and texture, due to the special blend of ingredients and techniques used.  In response to customer demand they have also developed a delicious Fat Free range to compliment their full fat range of products.

"It gladdens my heart, watching some of Ireland’s finest chefs opening our products, first the smile from the aroma then the absolute pleasure when they taste it. That alone makes it all worth it!"

Kilbeg Dairy Delights

Horath, Carlanstown, Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland

Telephone / Fax: +353 (0)46 9244687